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- a casual minimal platformer -


What!? You haven't got the game yet? Quick man, click on the download button above for Windows binaries, or build from code if you're on Linux, following the instructions on GitHub.


It's just a piece of cake: drive the green square to the yellow square. Do not fall and do not hit red stuff!

And please let me hear something from you! Leave any feedback, question and suggestion you have in the forum


How can you contribute? Making new levels and new level packs, of course! Visit the Wiki for editor instructions, and then share what you've done!

Or maybe you want to translate Physica into your language! Then, take a look here to see how!

Just drop a line on the forum if you're interested in helping.

Game and website by Michele "Buch" Bucelli - title font by Fernando Haro, body font by Daniel Johnson